Shopping Centre Gift Cards: Why Giftstarr Is Your Solution.

18th March 2024

15 years ago, we changed the gift card industry forever. Now, we’re doing it again.

Giftstarr is our new shopping centre gift cards brand, built on trust and a total focus on customer experience. With 34% of gift card holders visiting new stores and 74% spending more than their gift card value, it’s clear a shopping centre gift card programme with Giftstarr is a must-have for your business.

Why should I consider a shopping centre gift card programme?

With sales per shopper and conversion rates in 2023 seeing a 0.5% increase from 2022 (Sensormatic), there are strong predictions of continued growth for shopping centres and the retail industry overall. Opportunity for growth in 2024 is immense; Giftstarr is an invaluable asset to shopping centres looking to lead the way with innovative customer experience development.

Percentage hold over in-store shopping has also increased.

On average, 64% of people use shopping centres (increasing to 74% of millennials) for their in-store shopping needs (Sensormatic).

This large target market means that innovation and development will be key for shopping centres, allowing them to keep up with customer demand and expectation when compared to the online experience. When partnering with Giftstarr, this and many other areas of your business will also see a positive impact:

  • Boost footfall. Since the beginning of 2023, footfall has continued to improve for shopping centres (Sensormatic). Giftstarr shopping centre gift cards are a great way to encourage both new and existing shoppers to visit and spend.
  • Increase spend. With shopping centre gift cards; shoppers will discover new brands, reconnect with old ones, and 74% will spend more than the gift card value!
  • Drive loyalty. With our interactive reporting suite, you gain unprecedented customer insights: enabling personalised offers and tailored experiences for shopping centre gift card holders.

Why should I partner with Giftstarr to create or renew my shopping centre gift card programme?

Trusted gift card partners, over 1 million cards already produced.

With decades of experience within the gift card market, we’ve developed products and services that will help elevate your centre’s shopping experience. Alongside our constellation of innovative gift card elements, such as MobilePOS and self-serving kiosks; our trusted partners and providers make Giftstarr an invaluable tool for your shopping centre.

  • Meticulous accuracy. With our bank-grade reporting and reconciliation platform, you’ll always know what your customers are spending and where every penny is going.
  • Customer-centric. We treat your customers like family, leaving them with an unforgettable user experience. Our award winning UK- based customer support team are always on hand. 
  • Dedicated customer success. Our Customer Success team are an extension of your centre, helping your gift card programme reach new heights. 
  • Built on trust. With over a million cards issued, we are a trusted partner for your shopping centre gift card programme  – and we’re loved by customers worldwide. 

Ready to dive into the cosmic wonders of Giftstarr shopping centre gift cards? 

Get in touch at, or visit the Giftstarr website:

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