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Crunch Tools

Fraud Protection & Compliance

Crunch deploys all the tools you need to stay compliant and efficiently protect your company against fraud.

GPS Protect

Card fraud is more common than ever. Theft and money laundering are also common issues so it’s important to stay protected against all of these eventualities. GPS Protect is used across all of our platforms. It’s a tool designed to protect financial institutions and cardholders from fraudulent transactions or money laundering.

SCA – Strong Cardholder Authentication

Our platform enables a seamless cardholder experience by using the latest technologies and protocols including 3DS to combat fraud and confirm identity. Regardless if it is online purchase confirmation through our app or prompting cardholders to enter their PIN after multiple contactless transactions, the cardholders are protected.

Stay ahead of fraudsters

GPS Protect allows storing of any kind of authorization statistics, which can then be used to create rules and analysis of suspicious transactions. It is a modern and continuously developing product, which allows Crunch to stay ahead of fraudsters.

Compliance checks and guidance

There are many tasks you’ll need to complete in order for your company to become compliant, and to stay that way. We’ll guide you through everything you need to know and keep you updated with the latest requirements..

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Let’s bring your innovation to life

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